Commentary by Clare

I was talking to Clare today & she mentioned that Dominic and Cecilia fight. 

“It’s their favorite sport,” she said.


5 Responses to “Commentary by Clare”

  1. Paula Says:

    Along similar lines, my niece Allison (3) (who happens to be the most angelic child I have ever met) was talking with my mother the other day. She said that her cat Frankie was nice. My Mom said, “So are you, Ally!” to which she responded thoughtfully, “Yes. I am. But sometimes I’m a little bit evil.”

  2. Kristin Says:

    How cute! Is this Tommy’s daughter?

  3. Paula Says:

    No, Mary’s.

  4. Brenda and John Says:

    Alright, where are the new posts????

  5. auntsanon Says:

    Ok, ok, I know I’m behind!! Perhaps I’ll have some time tomorrow. 🙂

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