Dominic’s Suit

Dominic got a suit that he will wear for an upcoming wedding, and he was told to try it on.

Dominic: “Ok, I’ll try it on, but don’t tell me I look handsome.”

Clare (after Dominic was wearing the suit): “Oh, I can’t help myself. You look so handsome.”


5 Responses to “Dominic’s Suit”

  1. Brenda and John Says:

    What a funny girl!

  2. Moinca Oldenburg Says:

    He also added no to cute, sharp and nice=) What a stinker!

  3. Barbara Martin Says:

    However, when I was singing a song to him (Where or where is “handsome” little Dominic?) he stopped me to say
    “don’t say handsome”. When I asked what I could use he said “use cute”. I guess cute is appropiate for some uses.

  4. Moinca Oldenburg Says:

    Kristin we are so grateful you do this. We just went back a had a few good laughs!

  5. Kristin Says:

    I’m glad you got some laughs. Unfortunately I think I’m running out of space on this blog site, so I may have to start a new blog so I have room to upload photos!

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